Ember Days

The clip shown above, narrated by Hugh O'Donnell, is divided into two sections. The upper section of the screen presents a detailed section of the film. The lower part, the thin wide strip, shows the complete aspect ratio of the film as it appears on the video wall installation.

This project was commissioned by The Mohegan Sun Casino and sponsored by Coca Cola for the Seasons Buffet. This is a motion graphic film that combines footage from life, photography, pure digital design and full 3D character animation within custom built CGI virtual worlds. The film is composited in a 14:1 aspect ratio to match the viewing stage provided by the Mohegan Sun’s 56 screen Seasons Buffet video wall. The content was developed to take advantage of the 1080 by 26,880 pixel resolution of the combined monitors. The film was installed in August 2012.

The name “Ember Days” [REFERENCE] is derived from the Latin ‘quatuor anni tempora,’ meaning “the four seasons of the year”. "Ember", derives from the Anglo-Saxon ymbren, a circuit or revolution (from ymb, around, and ryne, a course, running), clearly relating to the annual cycle of the year. Native American culture is rich in creative and evocative symbolism that connects us directly to nature. The film takes inspiration from this creativity and concern for nature. The theme is based on the four seasons and the four elements and combines naturalistic scenes and abstract design. The completed film was adapted and installed to run using the hardware and software system of the presentation technology.


Design and Director: Hugh O'Donnell
Producer: Tina O'Donnell
Lead Animator: Akhil Bhatt
3D Animation: Howard Kaplan
3D Animation and Compositing: Derek Cuneo
3D Modeling: Matthew Williamson
Illustrator: Sarah Mosser