Video Projects Overview

Hugh O'Donnell has been making mural sized site-specific digital prints since 1994 and designing and directing networked multimedia video wall installations since 2007. Body Echo is building on this innovative experience by providing a wide range of multimedia expertise and management services to enable a process of collaborative research between artist and client. There are several phases to each project: research of content and presentation methodologies; preliminary design development with virtual installation simulations, client interaction and approvals; artwork production; partnering with appropriate technical hardware integration companies; final artwork pre staging and installation. The mission of the art-making process is to arrive at an innovative design using sustainable state of the art display methodologies that embody the uniqueness of the subject to bring visibility to its essential nature. The artworks are customized to utilize the native resolution of display technologies and to fit into specific architectural site needs. They are designed to celebrate the content so that it can be accessible, informative and enjoyable both from a distance and from very close viewing.