Blue Wave, A Site Specific Installation for the Cora building ,Tampa.

Blue Wave is a fine art composition that consists of 9 shapes in a composition of overlapping parts. The design is about 76 inches by 222 inches. The shapes range in size and cut from 3mm thick Aluminum Composite Material and printed using the most reliable print methodology for both longevity and abrasive resistance. The imagery was conceived initially as a painting but over time it was decided to use a digital concept built entirely with in the computer. This methodology ensured a perfect match between the virtual design and the actual installation. The entire project was commissioned by Cynthia Byrnes for the Cora building on the Tampa waterfront. The project needed to be conceived and executed during the Covid lockdown period and intensive video conferencing was used to present virtual designs and installation concepts to the client who worked very closely with Hugh O’Donnell and Cynthia Byrnes to suggest adjustments and modifications. This was important to ensure that the final installation went as smoothly as possible.