Hugh O'Donnell

President and Creative Director

Hugh O’Donnell is an internationally celebrated artist, exhibiting regularly since 1975 with one-person and group shows presented at many prestigious venues. He has exhibited extensively in New York, throughout the U.S, and worldwide in such public venues as The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, N.Y.; The Metropolitan Museum, N.Y.; The Museum of Modern Art, N.Y.; The Royal Academy, London; Tate Britain, London; Victoria and Albert Museum, London; The Walker Art Gallery, Minneapolis; The Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo; The Museum of modern Art, Kyoto, Japan; XLII Venice Biennale, Italy; The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington D.C.; IV Art Biennale, Medell?n, Colombia and The National Gallery, Taiwan.

Educated in England and Japan O'Donnell moved with his family to New York in 1987. After a five year stay living and working in Tribeca, N.Y.C., he moved to the lakes and hills of Connecticut in 1992. He calls this move with his immersion in the county side the beginning of his "Green Age". Since that time he sums up his primary practice as being dedicated to "the drama of the struggle for light and space going on inside us and in the world around us" This struggle is expressed through both subjective and objective study of the organic world perceived internally and observed in external natural phenomenon. This practice began with his large constructed paintings of the 1980s which won international acclaim launching an international career while he was still in his twenties. These works set the foundations for his later exploration of a primary physical sensation of natural forces seen and felt in the growing world around us. His primary practice is centered in painting methodologies but whenever new tools are needed to see further into the visible world he has adapted new technologies to advance this need. A grasp of new technology is second nature to O'Donnell and is displayed in his commissioned mural sized digital print and installation multimedia artworks that began in 1994.

His adaptability is the cornerstone of his pedagogical work as Professor of Painting and Site-Specific Public Art at Boston University. He is an artist and teacher able to cross the borders that traditionally separate specializations such as the humanities from the general sciences. He has worked with major institutions representing: life sciences, telecommunications, military research, medical, ecclesiastic, financial, hospitality, photonics, photography and dance.

In 2011 he founded Body Echo L.L.C., a production company that allows for a broad spectrum of artistic collaborations that utilize diverse technical and artistic expertise to cross the borders that traditionally separate specialized domains of knowledge to create artworks that are often a fusion of poetic and scientific research. This company is now the arena that is home to all of his Site Specific projects.

O’Donnell’s artwork is held in many Museum collections including The Addison Gallery of American Art Andover, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, N.Y.; Museum of Modern Art, N.Y.; Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, N.Y.; Rose Art Museum Boston, M.A.: Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego; Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Denver Museum of Art; Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis; National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.; Yokohama Museum of Art Japan; Polk Museum of Art, Florida; Albright Knox Gallery, Buffalo; The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Arts, C.T.; London Contemporary Arts Society; Tate Britain, London; Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Arts Council of Great Britain; British Council, U.K.


Tina Eden

Executive Producer

As Executive Producer and Producer Tina Eden has been with Body Echo from the company’s inception in 2011 and has worked with Hugh O’Donnell since 1994.

Tina Eden has been in involved in interactive media, game design, video production, and the pioneering of new technologies since 1982. She has worked extensively in the fields of entertainment, education and training in the United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States. Working in simultaneous research and production environments, Tina Eden has held positions ranging from Vice President of Product Development (Image Technology Associates, Germany and New York); Executive Producer of Games, Learning and Entertainment Programming (AT&T, New York); Head of Production (View-Master Ideal, New York); and Interactive Designer/Director (Video Media, U.K.).

In her capacity as a consultant Senior Producer to interactive projects which have parallel production, and research and development, Tina Eden's responsibilities and experience have included the following:

  • working with marketing groups to develop objectives of interactive broadcast channel, and individual program production
  • working with company management to set R&D and program production goals
  • working with company management to schedule the development of new technologies, both hardware and software
  • planning and developing the program production process to match the requirements of unique technologies, while taking into account a parallel R&D effort
  • working with hardware and software development personnel to ensure the R&D effort supports the creative requirements of interactive programming
  • defining production staff roles
  • interviewing and hiring of production staff
  • the simultaneous development of multiple program productions, up to 13 programs at one time
  • interactive unit and production budgeting
  • equipment budgeting and purchasing, both for unit and production purposes
  • legal: setting up European companies; contracts; patent applications; company law (U.K. and Germany)
  • report writing: technical, creative, legal, project status


  • initiating new projects
  • game development
  • interactive script writing and development
  • writing and development of interactive production manuals for script writers, licensors, video producer's, and graphic artists
  • specialist report writing on games and simulations
  • video production

In her role as Interactive Media Consultant Tina Eden's clients included: Contentware Inc.; Spafax Airline Network Ltd.; Image Technology Associates, N.Y. and Germany; WNET, N.Y.; AT&T, N.Y., View-Master Ideal Group, N.Y.; E.M.C.I (U.S. A.); British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC); British Rail, U.K.; Shell UK Oil and Shell Exploration and Production; Thomas Nelson Publishing Co. (U.K.) and T.E.S.C.O. (Japan).

Project Awards include: Gold medal at the International Film and TV Festival of New York for CARTOON ARCADE, a View-Master Ideal/Disney production and a Philips Interactive Videodisc gold award for SLIPS, TRIPS AND FALLS (developed for Shell Exploration and Production)

Honors: Brighton University Fellowship, Department of Visual Communications, Brighton University (U.K.). Fellowship to research and develop educational games and simulations (3 years).

Education includes: M.A. R.C.A., Royal College of Art, London; Interdisciplinary degree: Design Research and Painting.
B.A. Honors, Falmouth School of Art, Cornwall; Fine Art Degree: Conceptual Games, Performance Art, Music and Painting.