About Body Echo

Body Echo LLC was formed in 2011 as an extension to Hugh O'Donnell's development of site-specific art. Body Echo accepts commissions to develop all forms of fine art and digital site-specific projects, from two-dimensional paintings and large scale digital prints to sophisticated motion graphic video walls and interactive programs. Body Echo LLC has established an expertise for incorporating specific "content" references from such fields of knowledge as science, mathematics, nature, and astronomy into their site-specific artworks.

The skill of Body Echo is being able to conduct research into the subject matter of the commissioning organization, be it a corporation or a university, and successfully being able to incorporate that research into a visualization that is informative, exciting and accessible to the viewer.


Body Echo LLC projects are developed through a process of collaboration in several phases involving research, collaborative exchange with clients, content development, technology development and installation. The mission of the art-making process is to make art that is inspired by the innovation and originality specific to the commissioned needs of each project. The goal of each project is to create an emotionally and intellectually accessible unified scheme that will have an interconnected visual narrative that celebrates human inventiveness and natural process working together for a common goal.

Body Echo has conducted research and development in a variety of subject matter and fields of knowledge such as Astronomy, Mathematics, Human Biology, Medicine, Religion, Natural Science, the Military research and the Hospitality industry. Body Echo sees research as an essential part of any project development. The research and discovery of relevant material is a way of enhancing both the relevance of a project as well as the creative process and artistic outcome. In some commissions Body Echo has developed incremental reports on researched subject matter as part of the developmental process of the project.


Upon request Body Echo will investigate and propose design and display technology solutions, both hardware and software, in order to determine the technology that best suits a client's needs and budget. Body Echo can also propose technology integration companies where required who will take care of hardware and software acquisition, installation and servicing.